about us

"Cultivating Greatness One Seed at a Time"

LIFESEEDS LLC is a Professional Training and Development Firm specializing in personal and professional development for Small Businesses and a Continuing Education Provider.  Established in 2014, we are headquartered in Huntington, West Virginia. (Huntington, WV is the home of the  Marshall University Thundering Herd). Drawing from recognized industry competencies and opportunities for success in the face of new economic challenges and technological advancements on a deep and personal level, we utilize a "whole person" approach. Our 6-seed development process is built on proven success competencies, adult learning principles, and personal leadership elements. 

Our mission is to facilitate the growth of your organization through the power of identity, knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  

Our vision is the elimination of intellectual waste and lagging potential. In order to accomplish this vision, we employ creative and experiential development tactics that uncover hidden talent and optimize the human spirit through various engaging learning events.

Our Core Values guide every program and event that we design and every interaction we engage in. They are:

  • Identity
  • Leadership
  • Continuous Learning
  • Integrity
  • Boldness
  • Scholarship
  • Community

Our Philosophy is a simple one...

We believe that all individuals have a purpose and a set of uncomparable "lifeseeds" that when properly activated release incomparable benefits that result in the attainment of prolific goals. 

Give us a call today at 844.226.7438 or email clientcare@mylifeseeds.com. We are here to guide you to goal achievement, one seed at a time

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We succeed only when you succeed.

Our Founder

Headshot of Charise Lindsey

Charise Lindsey, The Capital Coach

 Our founder Charise Lindsey, a highly engaging Development Coach, Trainer and Speaker,  began designing and writing training programs early in her career. Her interest in teaching others how to profitably develop their talents began to emerge when she recognized the crisis of human potential never being fully realized in the lives of many acquaintances, direct reports and colleagues.  Standing on her life’s mission to help others to find the hidden value within themselves and to profit from it, Charise has conducted interactive sessions during conferences, programs, and workshops at associations and companies in West Virginia, Washington, DC and the surrounding area. As a result of her development programs and workshops, career and entrepreneurial-minded individuals excel as authentic, goal-shredding and impactful leaders.  Charise received her Regents BA from Marshall University in 2002 and will receive her MS in Adult & Continuing Education from Marshall University in 2020.  



What they are saying about us

Coaching Testimonial

"Charise is excellent to work with. She's a great mentor and I would recommend her to anyone seeking to grow both inside and outside of the business world."

-Tyler Rowland, CPA

Program Testimonial

"The Ultimate Mindset Challenge was such a comfortable and safe setting that I was able to take steps and look at items I felt uncomfortable doing before I met Charise Lindsey." 

-Linda Hankins, Educator

Training Testimonial

"Charise recently did a training for foster care parents within the organization where I am employed and they stated that this was by far the best training they have had..."

-Heather Figg, Pressley Ridge

Program Testimonial

"I have learned so much and really enjoyed this challenge group..."

-Nicole Jackson, RN

Current Programs


Ultimate Mindset Challenge

The Ultimate Mindset Challenge is a 30-day challenge program designed to improve the personal leadership characteristics of all individuals.  This is an instructor-led training where you will uncover your hidden strengths, learn valuable skills,  gain clarity into your motivations, personality, and learning bend.  You will leave the program with a complete action plan for future development and renewed confidence.  

Group of young professionals


LEADN90 is a 90-day leadership development program designed to improve leadership intelligence, human relations skills and communication skills for both new and experienced leaders. This program consists of 8 modules (courses). It also includes: 

  •  Leadership coaching  (6 sessions)
  •  Professional reflection journal
  •  Detailed action plan for success